So, the tour is finished. Now we are supposed to list everything that we have in order to be teasing enough as to convince you to join, right?

Well, we can't list the specifications of our "product". What is our product after all? We try to produce beautiful images of beauty, or respectful nudes. Nudes that capture the humanity and the freedom of our models. We can't really define that. We provided you with some images in this tour so that you can judge for yourself.

We think that we have some advantages over the rest of the websites. We are located in Germany, a country where you can't cheat and get away with it. So, you can be pretty sure that there was no exploitation involved when we were capturing those beautiful moments that our models decided to share with us.

We don't deal with anonymous photographers. Even the images that came from Russia came from photographers who are very trustworthy, the type of photographers who only deal with consenting models. So, to our knowledge there are no victims of exploitation or trafficking on this website. This does make a difference.

We did make some mistakes while shooting some of our sets. However, We learned from them. From now on all that you're going to find here is our best effort at producing tasteful nudes.

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